Dominique Roland

He runs the Cda since its creation in 2002. He created the International Festival of Digital Art Digital Baths (the 8th edition will take place in June 2014), he is also Deputy chief executive manager of Enghien-les Bains Services.


In the Cda, he run about thirty works linked with the major events of the establishment. He is also author, filmmaker and broadcast producer. Its career and its artistic sensibility have always taken him to cultural cooperation projects, particularly with Africa, Cuba and South East Asia. He was awarded Knight of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture. Moreover, recently, he received the award for National Culture of Cuba given by the Cuban state.


The Centre of arts of Enghien-les-Bains:

Place of production, development, research and broadcasting, the Cda develops its project around the art-science-technology axis. The establishment was the first French Scene subsidized by the Ministry of Culture at the occasion of "Digital Scriptures" in 2007.


Date City Interventions Summary Media
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Sensitive narration of the city through digital creation - Dominique Roland The approach of the Arts Centre is decompartmentalize areas of artistic expression. Its objective is to promote new forms of exchange. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Enghien’s visible and invisible heritage through an innovative mobile app - Dominique Roland Powerpoint