Jeremie Gentais

After his Production and Direction Documentary master obtained in 2008, he joined the Seppia Company in 2009 as a production assistant. Since 2010, he is in charge of developing transmedia projects and acts as a production manager on the documentary series and magazines produced by SEPPIA especially for France Télévisions. Newly formed by the INA for Cross-media Audiovisual Production, he was in charge of monitoring the production of "The Challenge of the builders” transmedia project. THE CHALLENGE OF BUILDERS ( / Cathedral) "The Challenge of builders" invites you to discover the gothic heritage of the valley of the Rhine with new technologies. At the heart of this transmedia experience, there is the history of architects of the Strasbourg Cathedral and their links with major projects of the region, in Basel, Freiburg and Ulm. Composed of different interconnected medias with a 3D movie Relief, a web documentary, a mobile application, transmedia device "The Challenge of builders” that traces the human and artistic adventure behind the Strasbourg building. The project allows users to conduct an inquiry on the record of builders, on the web and "in situ" on mobile screens. This device is available in French, German and English.
Date City Interventions Summary Media
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Le « Défi des bâtisseurs » - Jeremie Gentais Composed of different interconnected medias: a film, a web documentary, a mobile application, the "Défi des bâtisseurs" traces the human and artistic adventure behind the Strasbourg Cathedral.