Julien Brouillard

Graduated in the Information and Communication Science field of Paris 8 University, he developed cross sector knowledge of creative industries, the use of ICT, interactive writings. Since 2009, he works at Dédale in territorial web project as part of the European laboratory of SmartCity urban innovation (European Network of Living Labs), dedicated to creative and sustainable city. He was able to focus its work on the design and production of innovative cultural digital services dedicated to the development of the territory narrative, designed as kits for regional authorities and cultural institutions. At the initiative of Urban Explore projects - Enriched urban walks offering mobility access to digital resources; Heritage Experience – heritage transmission mobile device; SmartMap- sensitive and collaborative map; Julien Brouillard develops partnerships more and more varied providing opportunities in the tourism, AMO town planning , consultation field...

Date City Interventions Summary Media
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Smartcity - Julien Brouillard Smartcity