Léa Lemoine

Oriented in territorial development and cultural promotion of tourist sites, throughout her career, she became interested in different types of heritages as levers of development such as:

- Cultural transmission for the visually impaired audience, for Braille and Culture Association,

- Tourism and cultural development through the label "Most Beautiful Villages of France"

- The hospital heritage and the heritage of the funeral service of Picardy Inventory service.

Since 2008, she is responsible for the promotion of Spa Towns in the Massif Central, 18 spa towns that are grouped within a touristic route taking the digital route. She co-directed the inventory of spa heritage and currently follows the Territory Digital Animator training.


Date City Interventions Summary Media
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains E-TINÉRANCE - Léa Lemoine Presentation of the Route of Spa Towns of the Massif Central. Explanations about E-TINÉRANCE. Analisis of needs and issues. Analisis of constraints. Explanations about circuits de France. Vision of mid-term projects.