Nicolas Pannetier

He studied visual anthropology in Frankfurt, he created the Limo workshop, and currently presents "Border Bistro", a web documentary project in cafes along the Belgian language border. (


Limo workshop:

The Limo Workshop was born from the meeting of Simon Brunel and Nicolas Pannetier, two architects / film makers, graduates from the Architecture School of Lille, who studied visual anthropology in Frankfurt on the Oder, Germany. In 2012, Maya Keifenheim join them. She brought her experience in the production field. Based in Berlin since 2007, the Workshop focuses on issues of memory and identity and develops transmedia documentation project through various parts of Europe. Among these projects, the Limo workshop has made two documentaries and the "Border Bistro" web-documentary. 


"In Belgium, more than elsewhere, coffee is staying a popular place where people from different backgrounds and social classes meet, exchange and put the world to rights. By focusing on the language border in Belgium that divides the country for 50 years now, we become attached to these places where there are French, Dutch, German, young, old and retired, workers, students and politicians. These meetings and discussions led to reflections on identity, politics, Europe, the future and challenges of our multicultural society. A wealth and a profoundness that we tried to return in a fun and friendly way, through this web-documentary. "


Date City Interventions Summary Media
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Bistros frontières - Nicolas Pannetier Presentation of the Bistros frontières webdocumentary. Powerpoint