Triny Prada

Her motto: "We born, we die ... meanwhile...! "Her videos, paintings, installations, sculptures and culinary performances reflect this obsessional idea of "Wire that separates life from death." Triny Prada is at the Conservatoire of Arts and Professsions in Paris. She experiment free softwares such as Pure Data and processing to create installations where the man / machine interaction takes place in real time. Her works have been shown around the world and recently at VIDEOFORMES (Clermont-Ferrand, 2013) , at the Cube (Issy -les- Moulineaux , France , 2012), at the Human Frames Festival (Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin, 2012), at the Kunst im Tunnel Museum (Düsseldorf, Germany), at the Signs Festival by night (Paris, 2012) , at Hong Kong Contemporary ( 2012), at the Museo Epicentro (Messina, Sicily, 2011), at Overgarden Samtidskunst Museum (Copenhagen, Denmark), at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Simon Bolivar (Santa Marta, Colombia, 2011), at the Artist Art Fair (Istanbul, 2010), at EMAF (Osnabrück, 2009), at Traverse Video (Toulouse, 2007), at the International Incheon Women Artists ' Biennale (Korea, 2007), at the Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena (Colombia, 2008-2009), at Audiovisiva (Milan, 2008) and at Fair Play (Berlin, 2007). Triny Prada display currently in the 55th Venice Biennale with the "Personal Structures" project at the Palazzo Bembo.

Date City Interventions Summary Media
2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Presentation of projects - Triny Prada Presentation of projects from Videoformes and the Biennale de Venise.