Vincent Puig

He is also Director of the scientific promotion at IRCAM, the IRCAM Forum founder, Vice- President Europe of the International Computer Music Community. In 2008, he founded with Bernard Stiegler, the IRI in its current form association of research supported by the Centre Pompidou, the CCCB, Microsoft, the University of Tokyo, Goldsmiths College, the ENSCI, the Institute Mines-Telecom, Alcatel Bell Labs and France Télévisions. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the DISH International Conference (Digital Strategies for Heritage) and of the board of Ars Industrialis (International Association for an industrial policy of mind’s technologies). He is president of the Culture, Press & Media Community and member of the Services and Uses Evaluation Committee within the Cap Digital competitive pole.
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2013-06-14 Enghien-les-Bains Challenges for heritage - Vincent Puig The intervention of Vincent Puig broached about different points: - Personal memory and collective memory, - Heritage, - Web critic, - Crowdsourcing and economic challenges, - Time and stories, - Body and brain. Powerpoint