To escape her family’s influence, which was rather torn between creation, lengthy concert nights and music tours, and to show what was capable of on her own, she ended up leaving her parental home and spent several years in a rock/pop band, which sang in English and French.  It was a band in which she had trouble focusing her passions between two of the band members, and resisting the attraction of drugs. Strangely, however, despite the ease in which she passed from one genre to another – she also composed on occasion – she maintained a deep love for classical music.  She studied the lives of famous pianists in detail, particularly female composers, who she wanted to restore to fame.

This character is largely based on the life and journey of Clara Schumann (1819-1896), wife of German composer Robert Schumann.  The first performer of the works of her husband, who passed away when she was only in her forties, she made his work known, and appreciated.  After Robert’s death, she threw herself headlong into touring around England, France, Russia... until the final twenty years of the 19th Century when she came to patiently produced the complete catalogue of her husband’s works.  A composer herself, and mother to eight children, she would live in Baden-Baden for around a decade, where she was joined regularly by Johannes Brahms, and where she regularly received musician and writer friends.