Georg is approaching his fifties.  He set up his medical practice in the centre of Rome, in an apartment that came from his grandfather, and where he practises two complementary disciplines: thermal (hydro-/balneo-)therapy, and specialising in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.    To this he adds a growing interest for sophisticated diets adapted to modern spa visitors.  He makes frequent trips to Germany, his country of origin, and central Europe giving conferences on new therapeutic approaches related to alternative medicine, but also spends a lot of time staying in various regions of Italy: Piedmont, Tuscany and Umbria, for instance.  He is an epicurean, a calm and ordered man who, like many psychiatrists of the last century, uses practises hypnosis.  A big art collector also, he inherited an apartment in Siena and a house in Chianti.

He has a clear professional and typological connection with Georg Groddeck (1866-1934), himself the son a thermal doctor.  Firstly a pupil of the Pforta regional school, Groddeck studied medicine.  In 1900, Groddeck discovered Baden-Baden, and practised there using hydrotherapy, diets, massage and discussion, in a clinic named the Sanitarium.  The building still stands today, and has been turned into a hotel. During the Great War, as a military doctor, he cared for the wounded from the front in a Red Cross hospital.  Along with the treatments to give the physically sick, he used hydrotherapy, diets, massage and psychoanalysis on those of interest to him.  A correspondent of Sigmund Freud¬ís, he wrote The Book of the It, among others.