Bath & North East Somerset Council

History of the town

The World Heritage City of Bath has been welcoming visitors to bathe in and drink its thermal waters since before Roman times, and has a rich cultural heritage - such as architecture, urban form, museums, galleries, festivals, events, tours - to share. Bath is a world-famous city, not only for its Baths (Roman, of the time of kings Georges and of the 21st Century), but also for its scientific, literary, architectural and artistic connections. Bath is much more than a collection of buildings. The intangible heritage of the city is now being studied and interpreted in greater depth.  

Presentation of the coorganizer

The Tourism, Leisure and Culture Division of the Council is expert in promoting the wealth of activities Bath has to offer to its residents and visitors from all over the world, working not only with other departments, but with private and other public bodies in partnership. 


One of the major events in Bath is The Bath Literature Festival. He is very well-known, because many of its events are broadcast by the BBC. This festival presents a mix of local, national and international writers. Starting in 1995, the Bath Literature Festival has become a well-established ten days of literary events, encompassing writing in all its forms. The festival is fast gaining a reputation and there is an ever-increasing audience. The Festival takes place in late February/early March.