Date Interventions Speakers Summary
2015-03-05 Welcome from the Mayor of Bath, Cherry Beath Cherry Beath (GB)
2015-03-05 Speech of the President of EHTTA, Mr Giuseppe Bellandi, Mayor of Montecatini Giuseppe Bellandi (IT)
2015-03-05 Introduction of the Panel of local experts David James (GB)
Peter Rollins (GB)
Stephen Bird (GB)
Tom Boden (GB)
Tony Crouch (GB)

2015-03-05 Chris Pound – “Mingusbad – the mythical ideal spa town” Christopher Pound (GB)
2015-03-05 Ian Bradley – “Water Music – music in European spa towns” Ian Bradley (GB)
2015-03-05 John Carey – readings on Utopia John Carey (GB)
2015-03-05 Amy Frost – “John Wood the Elder – Obsession” Amy Frost (GB)
2015-03-05 Gillian Clarke – “The Prior Park Landscape” Gillian Clarke (GB)
2015-03-05 John Carey – more readings on a Utopian theme John Carey (GB)
2015-03-05 Sue Sloman – “Gainsborough in Bath” Susan Sloman (GB)
2015-03-05 Christopher Woodward – “The Heritage and Joy of Swimming” Christopher Woodward (GB)
2015-03-05 Comments, thoughts and reactions of panel members
2015-03-05 Conclusion - Paul Simons Paul Simons (GB)