Pays Nom Prenom Resume
FR Brut Eric Mayor of La Bourboule en savoir plus
FR Guérin Manon Coordinator of the program from 2005 to 2011 at the Rencontres Audiovisuelles (Short Film Festival of Lille, the Festival of Animation); Since 2013 she is part of the film festival Plein la Bobine dedicated to youth and she coordinates the programing en savoir plus
FR Mauras Sébastien President of the AFFE (the Film Festival for Children Association) en savoir plus
FR Thomas-Penette Michel Delegate General in the EHTTA network en savoir plus
IT Abbate Antonio Chairman of the Umberto Mastroianni Arpino Foundation en savoir plus
IT Bellandi Giuseppe EHTTA President en savoir plus
IT Bevere Antonella Since 2009 she chairs the association Fiuggi Family Festival and takes care of the event connected according to the guiding principles contained in the statute en savoir plus
IT Bianchi Tina In charge of marketing and coproduction development at Roma Lazio Film Commission en savoir plus
IT Bocci Claudio Director of Development and Institutional Relations Federculture - Federation of Enterprises and Organizations of management of culture, tourism, sport and leisure en savoir plus
IT Borrelli Nicola Director General for Cinema, at the Directorate for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism en savoir plus
IT Cardillo Massimo Historian and film critic, author of numerous publications on the history of cinema, of film and literature, on the Italian film culture at the beginning of the 1900s; President of the Italian Association for Research on the History of Cinema en savoir plus
IT Concetta Mattei Maria RAI journalist, presenter of TG2 and editor of the book in-depth stories TG2; Member of the Board of Directors of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto en savoir plus
IT Costantini Elisa City councillor (2010 - 2015) in Fiuggi en savoir plus
IT De Sica Emi en savoir plus
IT Martini Fabrizio Mayor of Fiuggi en savoir plus
IT Ravera Lidia Responsible of Culture in Lazio Region en savoir plus