Program of the Cafe of Europe In Enghien-les-Bains

Welcome and introduction

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2013-06-14 14:00:00 Introduction - Philippe Sueur En savoir plus
2013-06-14 14:15:00 Speech of Christian CORNE En savoir plus

Round table 1 : From the invisible city to the European city

Over the past 30 years, the image of heritage has found an essential place in the hearts and minds of the public prompted by the classification, protection, restoration and awareness initiatives carried out by nations with regard to their material heritage but also their more humble examples of heritage and intangible traditions. Many factors have, however, contributed to this development, obliging us to reconsider this almost unique act of guardianship and the very image of heritage.

Part one: The digital disruptions affecting the heritage and tourism of thermal towns

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2013-06-14 14:30:00 Challenges for heritage - Vincent Puig En savoir plus
2013-06-14 14:45:00 Digital disruptions - Arnaud Druelle En savoir plus

Part two: The European context

The European interpretation of heritage represents a critical challenge in establishing, defining and understanding a cultural route, which can be deconstructed by the number of resources engendered by digital approaches. The variety of cultural routes is a testament to the diverse facets of the European identity.

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2013-06-14 15:00:00 A strategy for the cultural routes - Philippe-Denis Fee En savoir plus
2013-06-14 15:20:00 Characters in search of authors - Michel Thomas Penette En savoir plus
2013-06-14 15:40:00 My European city - Juliette Jeanne En savoir plus

Round table 2: Imaginary cities and imagined cities

Part one: Imaginary cities

Artistic creativity, whether visual, sonic or even literary, should permanently infuse the digital approach. A multimedia or transmedia approach, the web documentary has became one way of creating a new narrative arena that incorporates difference forms of imaginative techniques. Starting from the work produced at the Centre des arts, different experiences will be presented.

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2013-06-14 16:45:00 Bistros frontières - Nicolas Pannetier En savoir plus
2013-06-14 16:55:00 Le « Défi des bâtisseurs » - Jeremie Gentais En savoir plus
2013-06-14 16:35:00 Presentation of projects - Triny Prada En savoir plus
2013-06-14 16:25:00 Projects of Videoformes - Gabriel Soucheyre En savoir plus
2013-06-14 17:05:00 Géoculture - La France vue par les écrivains - Marianne Viremouneix En savoir plus
2013-06-14 16:15:00 Sensitive narration of the city through digital creation - Dominique Roland En savoir plus

Part two: Imagined cities

Curistes* and tourists today are seeking new, original and more wholesome experiences in all their forms and look to new technologies to offer a comprehensive vision of the history of spas . Starting from the example of the town of Enghien-les-Bains, examples of the importance of digital technology in European regional and urban cultural routes, examples of interactive technologies and the role of 3D in thermal town tours will be presented. *A curiste is a person who takes the waters at a spa

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2013-06-14 17:20:00 Enghien’s visible and invisible heritage through an innovative mobile app - Dominique Roland En savoir plus
2013-06-14 17:25:00 Art Graphique & Patrimoine - Gaël Hamon En savoir plus
2013-06-14 17:30:00 Smartcity - Julien Brouillard En savoir plus
2013-06-14 17:35:00 “Carré d’Or” application - Raphael Elmaleh - Romain Camenen En savoir plus
2013-06-14 17:50:00 E-TINÉRANCE - Léa Lemoine En savoir plus
2013-06-14 17:45:00 Ourense 3D En savoir plus

Conclusion - final speakers: Reinventing the image of the Floating World in the digital age

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2013-06-14 18:00:00 Reinventing the image of the Floating World in the digital age - Norbert Hillaire En savoir plus
2013-06-14 18:10:00 Reinventing the image of the Floating World in the digital age - Huges Brivet En savoir plus