Pays Nom Prenom Resume
DE Pannetier Nicolas Architect / Film maker graduated of the School of Architecture of Lille en savoir plus
FR Brivet Hugues Prints collector for 40 years en savoir plus
FR Brouillard Julien Specialist in the development and conduct of new media projects, in Dédale en savoir plus
FR Camenen Romain UX Consultant, specialized in Online Media en savoir plus
FR Corne Christian President of EHTTA Network and Deputy Mayor of Vichy en savoir plus
FR Druelle Arnaud Responsible of Cap Digital “Image- and -Mobile Services- communities en savoir plus
FR Elmaleh Raphael President of the European Days of Jewish Heritage and Culture in France and Secretary General of the French Federation of European cultural routes en savoir plus
FR Fee Philippe-denis Project Manager within the DEDAC / SCPCI, General Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture and Communication en savoir plus
FR Gentais Jeremie Responsible for development of transmedia projects and responsible for production of documentary series and magazines en savoir plus
FR Hamon Gaël Co -manager and co -founder of Graphic Art and Heritage en savoir plus
FR Hillaire Norbert Artist and theorist of art and technology en savoir plus
FR Jeanne Juliette Coordinator of My European City network en savoir plus
FR Lemoine Léa In charge of the development of the thermal Heritage of Massif Central’s Spa Towns en savoir plus
FR Lismonde Pascale French journalist, art critic, writer and documentary maker en savoir plus
FR Noyer Fabien 3D Regional Director of Dassault Systemes en savoir plus
FR Playe Michel Deputy mayor in charge of culture and tourism - President of the Tourist Office and Congress en savoir plus
FR Prada Triny Franco-Colombian Artist, she works in the subject “the fragility of life” en savoir plus
FR Puig Vincent Practitioner of technology transfer and project development between culture and research en savoir plus
FR Roland Dominique Director of the Center of Arts and of the Enghien Digital Baths festival en savoir plus
FR Soucheyre Gabriel Artistic director of Videoformes en savoir plus
FR Sueur Philippe Mayor of Enghien-les-Bains and Vice-President of the General Council of Val d'Oise en savoir plus
FR Thomas- Penette Michel Delegate General in the EHTTA network en savoir plus
FR Viremouneix Marianne Assignment manager within the interregional Federation of the book and reading en savoir plus