Program of the Café of Europe in Fiuggi

Opening speech

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2014-07-26 09:30:00 Speech of Fabrizio Martini En savoir plus
2014-07-26 09:45:00 Speech of Giuseppe Bellandi En savoir plus

First Round Table “Thermal towns and cinema: between past and future”

In the course of history, spa towns have always proved to be cultural and wellness centres in Europe, they have been chosen many times as settings for famous movies, because internationally known producers and actors have appreciated the wonderful architectural, cultural and natural heritage that they represent. Experts and critics, together with representatives of public and private cinematographic institutions, will exchange their points of view concerning the analysis of the cultural and historic value of the thermal towns. The latter are locations considered fascinating for film productions and are privileged venues in which to meet famous artists, who have been responsible for the history of Italian and European cinema.

First Session:“Thermal towns, locations for cinematographic productions”

What are the possible perspectives to strengthen the link between thermal wellness, artistic heritage and cinematographic culture? The film industry, public institutions in touch with the world of cinema and culture, cultural and touristic networks are meeting together to meditate upon the potential of thermal towns as locations for cinematographic production. They support the growth of this kind of activity in artistically wealthy territories. An historical wealth combining the idea of wellness, thermal and artistic heritage, as well as a concrete opportunity opening the pathway towards cultural development in the thermal sector.

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2014-07-26 10:00:00 Nicola Borrelli En savoir plus
2014-07-26 10:15:00 Tina Bianchi En savoir plus
2014-07-26 10:25:00 Antonio Abbate En savoir plus
2014-07-26 10:50:00 Claudio Bocci En savoir plus

Second session: “Bread, Cinema and Fantasy”

A short video allows the spectator to travel through cinematographic settings of the most famous movies, shot in the principal European thermal towns, and dealing with the most famous producers and actors who, as visitors and hosts, have appreciated the cultural liveliness, natural heritage, and the curative quality of waters and thermal wellness. The report by Massimo Cardillo, historian and film critic, with its suggestive title "Bread, Film & Fantasy" paraphrases the famous film directed by Vittorio De Sica, starting from the undeniable importance that every spa town can play in various projects related to the cinema and, more precisely, in relation to the spirit, history and culture that has always animated them, he will propose a brief but rich overview of the world of film that has always been seen in the close links between the Ciociaria region and the cinema, a unique case of study. Fiuggi is present, therefore, as a focal point for future strategies in the cultural, touristim and production fields that remember Vittorio De Sica, Marcello Mastroianni, Nino Manfredi, the Bragaglia brothers (Anton Giulio, Carlo Ludovico, Arturo), Tina Lattanzi, Daniel Paris, Antonio Valente, Eduardo Paolozzi, Lorenzo Giustino Ferri. Not to be forgotten in this panorama are also Cassino and the Battle which both entered the world’s collective memory thanks to the movies.

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2014-07-26 11:30:00 Massimo Cardillo En savoir plus
2014-07-26 11:30:00 Emi De Sica En savoir plus

Second Round Table: “Thermal towns, exchanges and cultural creativity”

For many years now, thermal towns are known as locations for debates and meeting places for artists, historians and intellectuals. Indeed, these towns are centres for cultural creativity in a European context, experimenting new forms of cultural exchange, transmission of knowledge, and the promotion of creativity in the cinematographic sector. This round table will be led by Michel Thomas-Penette.

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2014-07-26 15:00:00 Michel Thomas-Penette En savoir plus
2014-07-26 15:10:00 Sébastien Mauras En savoir plus
2014-07-26 15:25:00 Eric Brut En savoir plus
2014-07-26 15:35:00 Antonella Bevere En savoir plus
2014-07-26 15:45:00 Elisa Costantini En savoir plus

Showing of the movie of presentation of the Café in Acqui terme

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2014-07-26 16:00:00 Showing of the movie of presentation of the Café in Acqui terme En savoir plus