Pays Nom Prenom Resume
ES Acha Antonio Manager of the Spa “La Dama Verde” en savoir plus
ES Araújo Nespereira Pedro Professor at the University of Vigo and Dean of the Science Faculty en savoir plus
ES Ares Güimil Tomás Creator of Tesal Group, a company devoted to the design, management and implementation of spa resorts, hotels and thalassotherapy centres en savoir plus
ES Barraca de Ramos Pilar Works for the Sub-Directorate General for the protection of Historic Heritage of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports en savoir plus
ES Eguileta Franco Jose María Head of the Archaeology Department of the City Council of Ourense en savoir plus
ES Fernández-Chiralt Fernando Manager Director of Alange Spa en savoir plus
ES Gonzalez Rodriguez Maria Cruz Professor at the University of País Vasco en savoir plus
ES Juárez Santiago Director of the Spa and House of Spirituality of El Molinar Baths en savoir plus
ES Luis Rodríguez Cid José President of the Association of Friends of the Silver Way of Ourense en savoir plus
ES Matilla Séiquer Gonzalo Director of the archaeological works developed in the Roman baths of Fortuna (in progress since 1998) and Chief Investigator for the excavations in Archena baths and the project “ Ancient Thermalism in the Southeast of Hispania: Historical, architectonica, religious and social aspects” en savoir plus
ES Olivares Pedreno Juan Carlos Professor at the University of Alicante en savoir plus
ES Ovejero Ovejero Luis Medical director of Archena Spa en savoir plus
ES Pacheco Osa Teresa President of the Latin American Association of Thermalism and Wellness en savoir plus
ES Rodríguez Cao Celso Research member of the Archeology, Antiquity and Territory Studies Group of the University of Vigo en savoir plus
ES Singul Francisco Chief of the Exhibitions Department of Xacobeo S.A en savoir plus
GB Lloyd Catherine Freelance spa consultant and, as an Associate of Paul Simons Associates, representative of the City of Bath on the EHTTA network en savoir plus
IT Tedeschi Massimo President of the ANCOT (Italian Association of Thermal Cities) en savoir plus
PT David María Jose Manager of the spa and hotel resort Pedras Salgada Spa & Nature Park (Portugal) en savoir plus