Pays Nom Prenom Resume
BE Aussems Jérôme en savoir plus
BE Bressers Serge en savoir plus
BE Clossen José en savoir plus
BE Dagnies Jérémy Scientific guide of the quality approach of the Walloon tourism; Teaches quality management as part of the Interuniversity Certificate in Tourism and leisure Management (ULG-UNamur) en savoir plus
BE Danloy Daniel In charge of the management of Tourism Products and the New Technologies of Tourism Information of Wallonia en savoir plus
BE Decrop Alain Dean of the Faculty of Economic, Social and Management Sciences in the University of Namur en savoir plus
BE Destrée Barbara en savoir plus
BE Gardier Charles Co-Director and co-founder of the Francofolies; Deputy of Tourism, Thermalism, Youth and Information for the City of Spa; President of the Belgian Thermal Federation and Vice-President of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association en savoir plus
BE Jehin Pol en savoir plus
BE Labalue Charles Secretary General of the thermal federation of Belgium en savoir plus
BE Lemaire Guy en savoir plus
BE Philippart Éric Deputy Head of Unit at the European Commission, DG Entreprises et industries, Unit 2 tourism and cultural instruments en savoir plus
BE Philippin Séverine General manager of the thermal establishment of Spa en savoir plus
BE Schils Marie-Christine en savoir plus
BE Schrans Jean-Benoît Communication manager of Spadel en savoir plus
BE Toussaint Jean en savoir plus
BE Vanhove Jo en savoir plus
CH Burckhardt Daniel Teaches marketing at the School of Tourism and Hospitality; Holds -daniel burckhardt projects- at Locarno en savoir plus
FR Jal Pierre Director general of the Route des Villes d'Eaux du Massif Central and of Thermauvergne en savoir plus
FR Jarassé Dominique Writer of -Synagogues - Une architecture de l’identité juive- and professor of Contemporary Art History at the University Bordeaux 3 en savoir plus
FR Lemoine Léa Project manager of heritage and digital en savoir plus
FR Quériat Stéphanie Historian en savoir plus