Date Interventions Speakers Summary
2013-06-14 Introduction - Philippe Sueur Philippe Sueur (FR)
2013-06-14 Speech of Christian CORNE Christian Corne (FR)
2013-06-14 Challenges for heritage - Vincent Puig Vincent Puig (FR)
The intervention of Vincent Puig broached about different points: - Personal memory and collective memory, - Heritage, - Web critic, - Crowdsourcing and economic challenges, - Time and stories, - Body and brain. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Digital disruptions - Arnaud Druelle Arnaud Druelle (FR)
Digital disruptions that affect heritage and tourism. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 A strategy for the cultural routes - Philippe-Denis Fee Philippe-denis Fee (FR)
A strategy for the European cultural routes of the Council of Europe of France.
2013-06-14 Characters in search of authors - Michel Thomas Penette Michel Thomas- Penette (FR)

The Interactive Novel is a part of the SOURCE project. It is a way to get in touch with the public via the transmedia. In this novel, there are four characters. They will travel around Europe, following the footsteps of European historic figures that came across each other in the “Cafés of Europe”, which were the great thermal spas from the 18th Century to the early 20th Century. 

The four characters: 

-Valery: He is the narrator and also a character of the novel. He is a traveller, full of imagination, an avid reader, who speaks and writes in several languages, and corresponds with hundreds of friends. He possesses many traits of Valery Larbaud (1881-1957). 

-Clara: She is barely thirty years of age. She is an immensely gifted musician who plays the keyboard/electric organ just as well as the piano, and sings on occasion. This character is largely based on the life and journey of Clara Schumann (1819-1896). 

-Charles Joseph: Charles Joseph: Thirty has just come and gone. He is sporty, he is a dilettante, a gambler, casino visitor. He hides his erudition and profound knowledge of diplomacy and the great families beneath a natural nonchalance, and a constant strategy of seduction. He possesses strong connections with an historic figure who married into his family: Prince Charles Joseph de Ligne (1735-1814). 

-Georg: He is approaching his fifties. He set up his medical practice in the centre of Rome and practises two complementary disciplines: thermal (hydro-/balneo) therapy with a specialisation in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. He is an epicurean, a calm and ordered man who practises hypnosis. He has a clear professional and typological connection with Georg Groddeck (1866-1934).  

During each Café of Europe, the characters will have the opportunity, through historic monuments and heritage that are just as much settings or “stages”, to meet the novelist, fans and followers who contribute to the novel’s writing through social media. 

2013-06-14 My European city - Juliette Jeanne Juliette Jeanne (FR)
Explanations about "My European City": the purpose of the project was to make European citizens more aware of the presence of Europe in their daily lives. Europe can be found in our streets, our buildings, in the history of our cities and via the companies in our local area. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Sensitive narration of the city through digital creation - Dominique Roland Dominique Roland (FR)
The approach of the Arts Centre is decompartmentalize areas of artistic expression. Its objective is to promote new forms of exchange. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Projects of Videoformes - Gabriel Soucheyre Gabriel Soucheyre (FR)
Selection of projects from the Videoformes Festival.
2013-06-14 Presentation of projects - Triny Prada Triny Prada (FR)
Presentation of projects from Videoformes and the Biennale de Venise.

2013-06-14 Bistros frontières - Nicolas Pannetier Nicolas Pannetier (DE)
Presentation of the Bistros frontières webdocumentary. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Le « Défi des bâtisseurs » - Jeremie Gentais Jeremie Gentais (FR)
Composed of different interconnected medias: a film, a web documentary, a mobile application, the "Défi des bâtisseurs" traces the human and artistic adventure behind the Strasbourg Cathedral.


2013-06-14 Géoculture - La France vue par les écrivains - Marianne Viremouneix Marianne Viremouneix (FR)
La France vue par les écrivains clarify aesthetic and ethical basis that any partner or contributor of the project agrees to comply. Presentation of Geoculture sevices and partners.


2013-06-14 Digital is a key element in the future of tourism in the next 5 years - Michel Playe Michel Playe (FR)
2013-06-14 Enghien’s visible and invisible heritage through an innovative mobile app - Dominique Roland Dominique Roland (FR)
2013-06-14 Art Graphique & Patrimoine - Gaël Hamon Gaël Hamon (FR)
Explanations of the development of 3D Interactive applications, augmented reality and mobile devices in historic sites. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Smartcity - Julien Brouillard Julien Brouillard (FR)
2013-06-14 “Carré d’Or” application - Raphael Elmaleh - Romain Camenen Raphael Elmaleh (FR)
Romain Camenen (FR)
Explanations about the application: “Carré d’Or” A free application, accessible and "fun" that allow people to know more about historic sites link to cultural Route of the Council of Europe. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Ourense 3D Presentation of the Ourense film (3D).


2013-06-14 E-TINÉRANCE - Léa Lemoine Léa Lemoine (FR)
Presentation of the Route of Spa Towns of the Massif Central. Explanations about E-TINÉRANCE. Analisis of needs and issues. Analisis of constraints. Explanations about circuits de France. Vision of mid-term projects.


2013-06-14 Reinventing the image of the Floating World in the digital age - Norbert Hillaire Norbert Hillaire (FR)
The project: revisiting "the image of the floating world" launching a call for proposals to artists. Powerpoint
2013-06-14 Reinventing the image of the Floating World in the digital age - Huges Brivet Hugues Brivet (FR)
Reinventing the image of the Floating World in the digital age.
2013-06-14 Paris 3D - Fabien Noyer Fabien Noyer (FR)

Paris 3D