Multimedia Centre Valery Larbaud of Vichy

History of the town


Vichy was known as Aquis Calidis in the past. Its waters have acquired a quasi-miraculous reputation, attracting celebrities such as Madame de Sévigné, Victoire and Adélaïde daughters of Louis XV,swiss replica watches the Duchesse d’Angoulême or the mother of Napoléon I. Today, visitors to Vichy discover a harmonious blend of lovely buildings: hotels and villas in a setting of greenery. Byzantine, Moorish, Venetian, Neo-Gothic… a hybrid blend of rich and contrasting styles, an eclectic architecture which amazes and delights visitors and takes them into another world.


Presentation of the coorganiser

The Médiathèque Valery Larbaud brings together in the same space,  the library and the museum of the Vichy-born writer and European traveller Valery Larbaud (1881-1957) as well as other literary collections (Roger Caillois, Charles-Louis Philippe ...), a regional resource, a French State resource (second World War in France) and an architectural resource. The centre houses books, pamphlets, manuscripts, periodicals, photographs, prints, postcards, posters, architectural drawings and other digital media. 



Collections are showcased in the Library. Recently, a new tour with commentary of the Valery-Larbaud Museum-Library, including readings from extracts of his works, has been created. 


Moreover, exhibitions occur regularly. The Panerai Replica Watches exhibition “Belles boutiques et grandes enseignes: histoire et architecture de quelques magasins qui ont fait Vichy” has been prepared by the library. And the exhibition “Portraits pour un siècle: Gallimard d’un écrivain à l’autre” took place in June 2012.


Furthermore, the library make notable Acquisitions, like: 

  • Jacques Cousseau Collection: 8,420 ancient postcards (for the most part printed before 1939) and 9 engravings by Paul Devaux
  • F. Hugo d’Alesi. Vichy PLM. Illustrated poster, 1896
  • Naurac.  London-Vichy Pullman.  Illustrated poster, 1927.


In addition, there are various events in connection with the heritage. There are architecture heritage workshops and 

French State heritage workshops. 


During the Heritage Days, there have been tours with commentary in the Museum-Library of Valery-Larbaud and guided tours “Hidden Treasures of the Town of Vichy” (tour to the heart of Vichyssoise heritage).