Tourist Office of Royat-Chamalières

History of the town

Although it has been a spa town for centuries, Royat- Chamalières owes its present position as the foremost Spa Station in Europe for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and rheumatology, to the Panerai Replica Watches quality of its medical teams, to its modern care equipment, to its innovation and to its program of research. Royat is built on the hillsides of the valley of the Tiretaine. The town displays a baroque charm. In every direction, you will be astounded by the rich decorative style of the different hotels and large bourgeois houses.


In addition to its usual missions of reception and information, it participates in the tourist policy of the region and leads its tourist promotion operations. Relays of regional tourist institutions, it contributes to the diffusion of the thermal town.

Spa, pump room, Thermal Park, Villas, Great Hotels, Train station, Casino, Theatre ... Royat-Chamalières has all typical attributes of spa architecture of Spa Towns of the “Belle Epoque”. True to its history, the resort offers to discover the thermal heritage through many activities:

  • Guided tour dramatized,
  • Guided tour of Villas Chamalières,
  • An e-roaming trip to discover the most emblematic monuments of the Royat-Chamalières station heritage, 
  • A permanent exhibition: "The Cures in the “Belle Epoque”" in Saint-Mart Pavilion.

In addition, the animation is rich and eclectic in Royat-Chamalières. Indeed, there is the international festival of fireworks, lyrical music, exhibitions, markets, and many other festivities.