ASTERION (Association for the foundation of European culture centers)



ASTERION promotes an active European citizenship. This association aims to make perpetual the achievements of European Cultures Centers,replica watches to boost the existing network and to create a Cultural Centre in each European country. The European Culture Centres and the Euro-Mediterranean Centres are:


- FRANCE - Centre de Culture Européenne, Saint-Jean d’Angély

- ALLEMAGNE - Das Europäische Culturcentrum, Baden-Baden

- ITALIE - Centro di Cultura Europea "Mediterraneo", Partanna

                   - Centro di Cultura Europea "Sigeric", Fidenza

- ROUMANIE - Centru de Cultur? European? "Europolis", C?l?ra?i

- ESPAGNE - Centro de Cultura Europea, Santiago de Compostella

- MAROC - Centre de Culture Euro-Méditerranéenne, Marrakech

- TUNISIE (in creation) - Centre de Culture Euro-Méditerranéenne, Djerba




The main objectives of the association are:


- Promote the development of European Cultures Centers and their networks,

- Facilitate and expand the mobility of young Europeans,

- Make perpetual the achievements of European Cultures Centers and prepare the future,

- Reinforce the values of solidarity, of sharing cultural heritage and of mutual understanding among the young generations,

- Contribute to the integration of study abroad in school curriculum of young people concerned,

- Implement all efforts to promote the European dimension and citizenship,

- Prefigure the creating of a foundation in accordance with the law (23 July 1987).