European project

Sources of culture: The Cafés of Europe (SOURCE)

The Route of Spa Towns in the Massif Central is running the SOURCE project in partnership with the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (EHTTA), a network already endorsed by the Council of Europe, in the framework of the call for proposals from the European Culture programme 2007-2013 Rolex Air king Replica, whose objectives are cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue. The Route of Spa Towns in the Massif Central is coordinating the SOURCE project, which is developed between May 2013 and April 2015.

The 10 co-organizers in 6 countries are:


The partners – namely the other towns in the EHTTA network, the National Association of Italian Thermal Towns (ANCOT), and the ASTERION Association (Association for the creation of a Foundation of European Culture Centres) – have also been asked for their contribution.


The SOURCE project is a multidisciplinary project based on the origins and the future of the “European spa-town culture”, notably in terms of all its forms of creativity that have been central to building of a European culture produced by exchanges: the art, literature, music, philosophy, politics, science and urban development of these towns. Working together, the objective of these towns has been the discovery of this shared European cultural heritage. Debates organized in the framework of this project will be gathered together and put into perspective in a “Thermal Blue Book”, which will present contributions and scenarios for Europe in 2020, in order to encourage, improved dialogue about thermal culture, to reinforce the role of historic thermal towns through the creation of a permanent common platform and to spread a notion of creative thermal culture.

The SOURCE project is made up of four parts

  • The Cafés of Europe
    Discussions on the future of spa towns through a series of prestigious round tables called “Cafés of Europe”, linked to large-scale cultural festivals taking place in the towns. 


  • Festivents
    The objective of this operation is to spread awareness among European citizens of the rich variety of festivals and exhibitions to be found in the spa towns.
  • The Interactive Novel “At the Sources of Europe ”
    An interactive novel written and swiss replica watches illustrated via social media will retrace the journeys of four historic figures that frequented the spa towns of Europe.
  • The International Resources Center of Thermal Heritage
    The town of Vichy is at the heart of the SOURCE project, seeing as the Médiathèque Valery-Larbaud is the “International Resources Centre”, a place holding all documents necessary to the project, an international documentation center for thermal heritage, in order to preserve documents and oeuvres both old and new, online and in hard copy.